About Halal Certification

Halal certification is one of the main service that eatsafe LTD company provides.

what Is halal certification

Halal means ‘permissible according to the rules of Islam’. The halal market is all about supplying products and services by meeting halal conditions to halal-conscious consumers.

The concept of Halal meat is often misunderstood by the general public in terms of content and requirements. The halal certification procedure will have the assessment for securing quality, safety and hygiene of the product in addition with the safeguarding the Islamic principles of slaughtering. The audit process will identify the ingredients in order to check the availability of non-halal ingredients like animal fat of haram origin, alcohol, etc.

According to State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, the estimated spending of the halal-conscious consumers is more than USD 1.9 trillion in 2015 alone; that is roughly equal to the combined 2017 GDP of the 20 biggest African economies. This spending is projected to grow further to USD three trillion by 2021.

Ethiopia can make tens of millions of dollars each year, on a sustainable basis, by developing the halal sector. As a result the foreign currency shortage will get the best way forward.

  • Does not consist of or contain anything which is considered to be unlawful according to Islamic Law
  • Has not been prepared, processed, transported or stored using any appliance or facility that was not free from anything unlawful according to Islamic Law; and
  • Has not in the course of preparation, processing, transportation or storage been in direct contact with any food that fails to satisfy the above criteria
  • Any other animals not slaughtered according to Islamic Law.


halal verification

In order to verify a certificate, scan the QR code with the smart phone camera found at the bottom of the certificate. Upon pressing the pop up notification to open the internet, you will view whether the certificate is current by showing you an authentic certificate or it will state it is invalid

What is an invalid certificate?

  • Certificate may be registered but the certificate scanned has expired
  • Certificate may be withdrawn, suspended or terminated
  • Certificate is not registered with eatsafe
  • Certificate is false

In all cases of invalidity please send an email to Eatsafe limited via info@eatsafeltd.com